Dawn of the Furries - Episode #4

More furry madness, and a bit of storyline got out of the way with this too.

ALSO if i said you were going to be in this comic and you didn’t see yourself just be patiant, i have a storyline and i’m sticking to it so just wait if you really want to see yourself that much, egotistical bastards :argh:

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Previous episodes:

Fun Facts:
-Gmod crashed twice at the scene with the big police barracade.
-Killz2much is and allways has been a furry expert, so please go to him for all imfomation regarding furries.
-Making blood is fun.
-I’ve made alot of comics in a short space of time, i think i’m going to explode.
-Yeah i know there are a few spelling mistakes i am retarded, please send money to help cure me.

Its awesome
Hah this time I was first :smug:
Cant wait for the next part.
My favourite was:“Oh so now I have to avoid being eaten,mauled transformed and raped. What a great day this turning out to be”!
Love that part

Love it more!

Waiting for Ep5.

Nice work on this too , your editing seems to be improving

Best comic of all time.

This should get featured on gmod.com!

Shut up Jenkins

Really nice comic, and don’t worry, I’m patient.

I hope I don’t get raped.

We can’t hold this line!


I love these comics.


I’ve heard that line hundreds of times, but this time was an exception; I lol’ed hard :slight_smile: Go badass cop!

And do I spot a sheep and a…beaver furry?

Sheep yes, beaver no.

Thats a rat my dear boy.

I’ve seen a fucking jellyfish once so why not :v:

I’ll look for it on that website

It sure is a long story.

I laughed at the Jenkins thing and the random Engineer.

oooh, thnx, it looks like a rat now :slight_smile:

Beaver furry would rock though, it will eat the foundations we live in

Awesome! were did you get the FP cops?

Bravo, Very nice indeed.

We need to dont forget originali the furries can be object of japannese thing or hentai so its normal if they BREED!!! lol

Good as usual man.

And I like the RE2 reference at the start.

‘There goes the strangest man I’ve ever served under…’
Great work.

Now a woman who’ll kiss on the very first date is usually a hussy!
And a woman who’ll kiss second time around is anything but fussy!
But a woman who’ll kiss third time arou-
Great comic, anyways. Make more you magnificent stallion, you.