Dawn of the Furries - Episode #6

Very short episode this time around, was gonna be longer but i figured i’d put togeather what i have before going out.

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Previous episodes:

Fun Facts:
-Omolong got raped.
-For all you scared, confused, offended by the rape scene just let it be known i could have got into ALOT more detail.
-While poseing the rape scene i was killed by a rabbid fileing cabnit, seriously it came out of nowhere.
-Oh god i’ve made so many comics in such a short time i think i’m gonna die.
-Fuck i forgot that damn logo AGAIN.
-Hedgehogs need love too.

Rape scene is win.

Keep going!

Madmanmad you are doing a great job with these comics…they better have a lot more episodes before you finish these…I’M HOOKED! I laughed when Omo got raped :lol:

NOOOOOOOOO! to quote myself

Will I survive? Who knows? Tune in next episode to find out!

Let’s hope I still live… And am fully human…

The plot thickens! Great L4D reference by the way.

God damn rabbid cabinets.

Brilliant, I loved SGG’s face when he sees that shotgun!

"Good thinking HandGunMan!"

If anything I think the furry is the one being “ripped apart” :smug:

I love how i’m a complete idiot in comics now…:v:
But, in mad’s defense I would totally call shotgunguy handgunman

lol furry sex. This is getting better and better.

Rofl! Keep it up dude

“shh” :smiley:

I guess madman is jelaous of Omolong.

lol “better safe then sorry” that was brilliant :v:

Brilliant! And a “to be continued” aswell!

Quick grammar lesson:

  • They’re = they are. As in “they’re fucked”.
  • There = there (durr durr). As in “there he is, getting raped”.
    (and for future refs)
  • We’re = we are. As in “we’re fubar’d”
  • Were = were as in “were you getting raped by a hawt…- I mean evil furry?”
  • Where = where as in “where did she touch you? The bathingsuit area?”

And if you got anymore questions, just ask me the grammar nazi…- I mean expert.

Better safe than sorry, better safe than sorry, better safe than sorry…

I’m terrible at I Spy too :saddowns:


I lol’ed hard at the rape and furry H4lf-D3ad

You probably have a furry growing in you now.

And I’m curious, yet I probably already know the answer, I’m not going to be in this series, am I?

that would be a good idea with you in it but I think you should be a bad dude like with furries on a leash would be awesome :razz:

Thanks. :fuckyou:

I guess it wouldn’t be so bad supporting furries.

Yea your skin fits perfectly for it.