Dawn of the Furries - Episode #7

Longest episode yet, with 25% more story development.

Just to make it clear this is not an anti-furry hate comic and i have nothing ageinst furries, so please don’t start any furry flame wars in here.

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Fun Facts:
-I think omolong and renamon make a cute couple.
-If you think you see amy rose anywhere in this comic, you are WRONG.
-I was struggling to find a reason for the car to go missing, but SGG and his girlfriend proved the best reason for the car to be gone.
-Pure breed furries will be joinging the mix along with a few other new furry threats soon.

Was waiting the whole day.
Awesome as everytime.
Have a funny.

this keeps getting better and better keep it up madman

Awesome, muzzleflashes look weak though. I can’t wait to soo what’ll happen next! So exciting

If you think you see amy rose anywhere in this comic, you are WRONG.

I am right, I spotted one

Im still not in it

This comic is the fucking beesnees I also wait like all day for your comic to come out.

Shame Facepunch’s retarded Rights For Furries group.
Is the entire city \ sections taken over, or does Facepunch’s Army still have control over some sections?

It’s Matin’ Season.

Can’t wait for the next episode. This comic is one of the few comics that I actually want to continue reading, simply because it’s so rediculous.

nice job

Why did they not take the tommy from the pimp? But great comic.

Cause I’m too awesome for them, plus I’m not sure they have thumbs.

I knew that Ass comic I made would come to know good. :q:

I’m a furry now.

I must see myself as a furry.

Oh god! Pervert to furry! It all makes so much sense! Whats with the furrys getting smart so soon? Do dead rise to be a furry?With bloocobalt dead and killzamuch in middle of nowhere will they be extracted? Tune into next episode and find out!

You’re a master of the art! You have earned a medal of honor.
I really didn’t expect you to bump right back into making several comics in this kind of row.

I can picture you as a rooster furry, because roosters are the pimps of a chicken coop.

Also, was that trap thing a 30 Days of Night reference?

That it was Ben Wolfe

cant wait till the next one.

Can’t wait for ep8.

Keep up the great work.

Nope sorry, you must be seeing things.