Dawn of the Furries - Episode #8

Stop, flashback time!

Forgot to mention thanks to aeon for the pheremone idea.

This is not an anti-furry hate comic and i have nothing ageinst furries, so please don’t start any furry flame wars in here.

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Fun Facts:
-And that’s why killz has that scar.
-Most of this comic is a flashback, and storytelling but i had to do it sometime.
-All large breasted evil female villans make lots of sexual puns, fact.
-Airplane is an awesome movie.
-This episode took longer too do becuase i’ve been playing DoW2, oddworld, call of cuthulu (so fucking hard) and map making.
-I’ve allready started planning my next comic project after DOTF is over, but don’t worry DOTF still has a shit load of episodes to go, we haven’t even got to the good parts yet.
-Ok i lied there was an amy :saddowns:

Amazing as always. :cheers:

I like :slight_smile:

I feel bad for Killz now.

And aren’t those the maps from SiN?

That pure breed thing makes me want to THROW UP!


Whats the pure breed’s name lol.

Flower, it even said. :doh:

Oh Snap, Omolong does have a pure breed baby!



You do know that’s a flash back and it takes place in 2008 where the main comic takes place in 2011.


He still got raped.

Sorry, just skimmed through.

Your avatar makes you look like a furry…

I need some sarcasum in my life, and less idiots. You sir have given both I thank you!

Says the man who wants to get raped or be a furry leader,
It be quite obvious

Also, who is being featured in #9?

Can’t… stop… speaking… in short… bursts of dialog!

Yeah, more good comics!
Quite refreshing.

Haha, I thought that was a poke at AIRPLANE.

Also, nice news articles :stuck_out_tongue: