Dawn of the red

They will come to take your land and live in your homes.

Little the capitalist pigs knew, strong Russian men are undefeatable while drunk from vodka made in mother Russia.

I see lots of duplicated ragdolls

I have no problems being taken over by Russians.
They’re funny.


“PARKER, disable that tricycle, ASAP”

Wow really.
Ok, look. Let’s dot the i’s and cross the t’s. I’m mostly in drawing now, but my tablet RIP’ed today, so this picture was made just for fun in around ten minutes. I just wanted to relax and make some trash. And yeah, it has almost all guys duplicated and lots of clipping and shit.

Just don’t take it seriously.

my avatar fits

TF2 blood and impacts.


Guy laying down in the bottom left has his helmet clipping.

Do you guys even read.

Oh dear lord, that Russian trike.

He’s all