Dawn of the Zeeks

Play music for maximum maximumness or something.


-Based on The Zeeky Apocalypse and the Halloween Rising comics.
-Zeeky sings The people’s song from Lés Misérables, I chose that because I’m currently working as a extra on the theater with that show going on.
-The text to the song is written like that mostly because that’s how I rememberd it! I didn’t remember it very well though…
-I named it Dawn of the Zeeks because I wasen’t sure of how to bend the name Zeeky.
-Thought about the idea for this when I was making (trying to make) the mass effect comic, but the map kept on crashing after a couple of spawned ragdolls.
-If I know myself right, the next episode will be in a year or so…

that was really good

You’ll never kill all of us.
We will endure, as we always have.

Yup. Where you kill hundreds, a thousand more take it’s place.

Also, I don’t remember giving you my skin Gor Feri, Since when was that.

That was a long time ago, but I do belive you had a link to it on your PHW signature.

Ah i see, Haven’t been on PHW for some time now.

Chorus! Assemble!
I like it :slight_smile:

Great comic, nice to see SOMEBODY wants to deal with the zeeky clones.

Seriously i’m tired of having to scoop up zeeky poop off my front lawn.

I feel exposed.

That was great.

Dawn of the Zeeks: Aka: I have had it with these mother fucking clones!

Pretty good stuff you made there, got a few chuckles.

It’s impossible. As long as one lives you can never stop them. We don’t know where they keep coming from, but so far the only way to stop them has to been nuke every place they’ve been, which we tried but were quickly running out of places to go.

You also got an old gunner, 08 old. 09-11 gunner is here http://www.mediafire.com/?glir4vqmp963ksy

Uh, I think you should kill the original to stop the clones.


It’s obvious what has to be done. Make thousands upon thousands of Madmanmad clones!

Of course! You can put out a fire with more fire, so this should work perfectly well!!

Wow.That was awesome.Is there gonna be more

Thanks for the replies, I’ve been trying to change my comic making style lately because when I look at my old one they are all 100 pages long and I find most of them drying boring.
Good to know the efforts was worth it.

Can’t explain in other words then that.

I’ve taken all the pictures and should begin with the editing tomorrow, though I find that so boring.

Poor Omolong…