Dawn of War 1 & Dawn of War 2 Models

Could someone port the models from Dawn of War 1 and its related Expansion Packs along with Dawn of War 2 and its related Expansions & DLCs

Just a quick Bump.

if you look below your post, you can see someones already working on stuff just like that

I’m a little curious why he didn’t search even the most basic of keywords to find what he is looking for.

The ports already exist for the most part. They’re not the best ports; but they’re far from unusable.

there’s a reason why i didn’t post in that, mostly because it isn’t all of it and because the dow of series has a good selection of units.

actually thoses are only dow and they aren’t the best extractions, the one thing i’ll always dislike about source things get change.

You can’t be serious. Ports have been around for four years.


Also what does this even mean?

you ever exported models before into source? for 50 points what is the one thing that happens to your mesh on export.

Importing dow2 assets includes all the lod on extraction. They aren’t too difficult to remove.
Getting into source is the easy part. I bet you’ve never even attempted to nail the same visual appearance. Dow2 is notorious for this; and not just because everyone is completely braindead when it comes to the fact the game’s normalmap green channel is inverted in the source engine.

And having quads on a low poly models helps you how? Furthermore why don’t you just grab the raws yourself?

wrong the answer we are looking for is tessellation… is the process of converting a mesh form quds to tri but because of the nature of source and actually most engines they will add more layers to a model already tessellated.

this is why i always asked for raws.