Dawn of War 2 Models.

Am I the only one who hasn’t even thought about this yet?

I’m sure other of you people have ripped from the game already, got it into GMOD.

I’m sick and tired of the low-res stupid DoW1 models rigged badly.
So if anyone is kind enough, please.

Thank you in advance.

someone has done this cus iv seen edited pictures of poses in Gmod with DOW2 models on Deviantart… but the creator isnt willing to share them yet…

They are from a mod I forgot the name of on ModDB. I have the models too

I’d love some Tyranid models.

Dragoshi, are the models you are talking about from Exterminatus ?

If so, I have them already.

its Nexus_Elite most likely… but don’t bother asking him… he’ll never give you them… he reserves them for his elitist group

But there are some… ok… looking models from Exterminatus

Lol, sigh, you still at it again… Oh boy when will you stop XD such a big baby, yet again.

Keep assuming that.

Oh… so you plan on releasing them in the near future do you?


Not in the slightest… I was simply stating that from past experiences with Nexus he doesn’t release things.

When i get the time, But you’ll probably keep on talking shit again about me being an elitist, Again, lol.

I let others use them if they ask too, by the way :p.

I’m sorry i have a life D: i got multiple stuff to work with to be honest, can’t get everything done in a flash you know, lol.

I have nothing to say if you actually plan on releasing them… I was saying that in general you tend to keep things to a select few. Kind of like Dtmech and the Battlefield 2142 Weapons


I don’t see why you keep insisting on starting something again. I wasn’t intending to start something with you.

its was just the way it was typed made me laugh for some reason, you know when something that is funny to you but no one else, like that.

I guess, it just doesn’t really seem funny to me : /

Dt released some stuff here and there, he has his own reason if he doesn’t want to, not like he has to release everything he does or anyone here really. You make it sound like people like dt owe you stuff.

I’m not starting anything, i’m just saying. Plus, you always seem to start up something, over and over to be honest, such as your first post on this thread lol. So it a bit ironic for you to say that. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ya because it about you :stuck_out_tongue:

I expect nothing of Dt. I was making a comparison.

Meh… I was just advising the Op not to bug you because hes not going to get anywhere with it. I’m stopping this before a mod gets involved. I don’t care for being banned.

Released it you say?

Sure you will. Just like you said over at PS thread but here you are at it again with your “elitist” name talking, it really ironic too.

Because of such attitude like yours, is probably why Dt wishes not to even release nothing to brats who complain or very selfish about themselves to get what they want.

So why would he want to release them. He hate how people, like yourself, are like that. Talking crap over how no one release stuff or as if everything need to be release by force.

Ya but this is going to be a long time… Especially since chaos rising… DX Means more stuff to addon or perhaps redo.

(User was banned for this post ("Trolling" - Benji))

Would you at least read before you post…



By the way, which of the race are you talking about you want? i’ve barely start on eldar and mostly space marine, but might needing to update soon. Since the expansion.