Dawnguard DLC Weapons + Shields

I’am sure many people wanted to get their hands on Crossbows and the Dragonbone weapons from the Dawnguard DLC. So instead I’am gonna give an entire full pack of weapons and shields (no bodygroups or skingroups are the models compiled with because I’am lazy) from the entire DLC free of charge.

All weapons and shields.
Bows are poseable.
Crossbows have seperate models (one for loaded, one for unloaded bolt).
Quivers have seperate models (one is full of arrows, one is full of nothing).


Some user created screenshots/comics:



Nice work, Ellis.

Looks awesome, mate! Kudos for including loaded/unloaded crossbow and quiver. That is a surprisingly scarce courtesy.

Hilarious comic, too XD

Nice work. I was actually thinking of doing something like this, but it looks like you got to it before me.

It’s hard to find quality crossbow models, thanks for sharing

Wish there was Nord/human models from Skyrim with alot of bodygroups and skingroup along with face-finger pose!