Dawnguard - Vampire Lords

Faceposing made by Squiddy

Reskin by:

• Bodygroup for Armor
• x3 Skingroups for Eyes
• x2 Skins for Hair - White/Black

Joint Tool required for Eye-Posing:


shoulder posing seems a bit wonky at first but i tried my best to re-rig those areas.
(it was a lot worse before)

Daymn you can do some awesome poses with these :smiley: thanks for the awesome models.

are those nudes included?

• Bodygroup for Armor”

means … yes! :wink:


Cock blockula.

Could I possibly be able to obtain the source files? I would decompile them but it would break a lot of stuff (I can get the faceposing, but the most biggest problem would be the .qc).

i’ll try to pack up the files today.

Alright. Thank you.

Mask you’re a machine, another quality release thanks so much!

Really nice reskins man! Have you done any other reskin type mods?

if i want to port a model and discover there is an hd skin
of it by the modding community, i’ll use this one instead.

Killer lookin models Mask, I’ve been loving your releases lately.
Excellent work!