Dawson the Riot Officer: "My riot shield shrank..."

“Say it isn’t so!” Dawson exclaims in utter disbelief. “That’s the last time I put my shields through the damn wash!”

Or, alternatively…

*"It is so tiny!" projects Dawson, while totally blown away by the awesomeness of his incredibly sensational, epiphanic discovery.

[sub]*Speech is similar to that of Heavy’s.[/sub]

Until Dawson gets himself another riot shield, it’s safe to say that only his left index and middle finger are going to be able to take cover.

HA HA ha ha. . . ha. . . ha. . . No, just no.

Just Kidding! Made my day :smiley:

How will he be tactic00l now?

This made me lol followed by a quick “wtf?”


The posing really conveys his feeling of ‘what the fuck just happened here?’
Cracking job.

God damn it.

Many thanks! I am still improving on my posing skills, but have come from a long way nonetheless. If you were to scan through my previously submitted images from Gmod, you would see a notable difference in my skills from back then. Embarrasing as it is, for some time I was unaware that one could zoom in and out with the camera in-game - knowing that little feature REALLY helped to enhance the quality of my screenshots.