Dawson the Riot Officer: One Giant Step for Man...

After embarking on so many SUB[/SUB] freelance adventures across the world, Dawson finally decides that he shall brave the elements and go where no riot officer has ever gone before!

[release]“It’s great that I’m finally here - space is such a lovely place to behold. Heck, maybe I should move from my apartment back in Denver up to here! But, unfortunately, I might have to think about it for a little longer; It’s getting pretty late, and I need to return home by 6:40 p.m. Sigh Nothing is forever.”

"…Wait, just how the hell am I going to get back home?? Boy this isn’t good - I can’t seem to stop myself gliding away from Earth!"

[H2]“I NEED HELP!!!”[/H2][/release]

I like the comical story behind it, lol, still, one complication: how the hell is he able to breathe up there? usually someone would die up there from lack of oxygen.

other than that, great picture.

Yah, that’s part of the comical side to this poor soul’s situation. But alas - (with a chuckle), he’ll find out soon enough…