Dawson the Riot Officer: Washed ashore on "Facepunch Island"

The following story blurb was taken directly out of an entry of mine from the thread Facepunch Island - It’s your time to f*** shit up.. Unless I find another description to be more fitting, this current anecdote of Dawson’s utter misfortune will suffice.

On one particular evening, Facepunch Island was bombarded by a mild tropical storm. An average amount of foreign debris and supplies scattered the northern beaches - a nearby cargo ship must have succumbed to the elements and capsized beneath the waves. Among several of the things to be washed up to shore was poor Dawson the Riot Officer himself. Oh yes, it was - once again - just his awful luck of being in the wrong place at the wrong time; riding aboard a ship destined toward disaster. Fortunately for him, though, Dawson managed to escape relatively unharmed from the sinking (although perhaps a bit shaken), and coincidentially got away with a few trinkets. Among the possessions of his that survived are:

Even though he is not alone on Facepunch Island, Dawson will have to use all of his skills, brawn, brains, and a bit of Lady Luck to adapt and survive. If he is lucky enough, our hero might be able to escape the island and return to civilization… Only to get stranded on an iceberg the size of Manhattan along the way. He’s got nothing to lose!

“Man, that’s the last time I go on such a poorly supplied ship like that! Amidst all of this death and dismay, at least I still have my trinkets by my side.”

I like it! I also like it Fast Threads as well.

The rage in his eyes is immense.

Oh gee i can’t wait to see his expression when he encounters a bunch of autistic 13 year old nerds.