Day 1 of The Rise and Fall of an Empire

Well,an Rust Video…and what is the sense behind this Video?
And pls dont use a Facecam

Your face is ugly and you should feel bad.

The introduction to your video is horrific.

troll so hard Ghorondor zootylicious , don’ click it next time.

That being said, nice video. Shows how crazy this game can be :slight_smile: Keep on spreading the word on rust!

Sorry,but who are that you have the right to tell me what i have to do?
Its the same as i would say ,höhöhö if you dont like my comments,dont read it,
Stupid man

It’s ok lol, good or bad, views are views

i wanted to click it because i wanted to complain at the horrific title but then i got carried away because the video simply made me throw up it was that bad.

thx bby :3

Squeakers unite!

Dyslexics untie!