Day 5 - AlreadyConnectedToAnotherServer (US East 3)

As Garry is rolling around in our $20 bills, the US East 3 is still rejecting connections due to the “AlreadyConnectedToAnotherServer” error that’s been a problem since Saturday.

I’ll quote a few fanbois from another thread:

“Just join a community server!11!!one!”

First up garry prolly only saw like $12 out of the $20 because steam takes an ungodly cut, secondly they are working hard on pretty much rewriting the game so I don’t think they are wasting the time fixing the current crap, and lastly…go play on a community server as elninost0rm7 has said…anyone who’s looking for a solid XP on an official server that doesn’t have admins isn’t looking in the right place.