Day and Night cycle

I have been scavenging the internet for a day and night cycle for Gmod DarkRP and I cannot find one single addon that is compatible for different maps and doesn’t absolutely suck… Has anyone seen any day and night cycles on the internet? Preferably one that is customization? Otherwise is there an easy way that I can make one. I don’t know much about coding so most likely I couldn’t make one myself.

They are all going to screw up shadows due to Source having issues with dynamic lightmaps.

I may release mine with my dev-base. It simulates certain things ( night-time ) without needing to call render.RedownloadAllLightMaps ( some maps don’t have them built in, if they don’t it will cause up to 1 second stutter / lag while it is being called which is unacceptable for any fast paced games ) on the client and still looks decent at night ( and even darker than typical ).

I have a friend who has mentioned that there is a way to correct the issues with render.Redownload… not updating models in the map; but not the lag. And there may be a way to get proper shadow control.

I’ll talk to him about it.

Thx this thread is for a suggestion I have for another server and they ended up declining it because it creates a lot of lag. So pls talk to the guy about it lol.

If you run a map like EvoCity V33x, it has the lightmaps built in, so render.RedownloadAllLightMaps isn’t needed at all. Calling that function is what causes the spike / stutter.

V2p, you would under normal circumstances need to call it, and some maps have an issue which don’t have them where if you use the darkest char, a, it’ll make some textures black so you’d need to use 1 char up, b… With my system night looks like night without the need to call that function.

I should be able to talk to him later today; Keep an eye out on my dev-base. If I release it, it’ll be there under addons.

Where could I find your dev base?

He’s posted it before: