Day / Knight Cycle

edited by Prototype, sexy man.

bonus, Some space Knights I’m working into the thing I usually do.

Fuck your space ninjas.


Nice work, dude.

1st one is the best, but I love all of them. Fantastic work man.

I did one almost exactly like the first one here.

I like your colors and props better though.

Love it all dude, they’re pretty, sexu.*

Turned out great man!

I’m a big fan of this universe you’re crafting with your screenshots. Very nice.

1st one reminded me Wolfenstein: New Order

those space knights look hella dope

Space knights is a cool concept, mate.

Awesome as, I love the cyber atmosphere, btw where did you get the dark souls2 knight model from because i would really help in a scene im currently working on. great job bro :smiley:

stroll on yonder:

Thanks bro :smiley:

I see a Squiddy.
He has a bucket on his head.

right when this song came on, I scrolled to this picture.

it fits so well