day/night cycle Timelapse

I searched around a bit on YouTube trying to find something like this but came up with nothing, so i decided to make one! it’s a shame that the trees glitched out during the night though,
will definitively be doing another one once that’s fixed.
I also cut out 5-10 minutes at the end, just before the sundown to reduce the video time but i figured the sundown was in the beginning anyway, most of it anyway.
also the quality came out way worse than i expected, but it gets the job done, i suppose.
Let me know what you guys think! i’m pretty new to the whole YouTube thing and i’d love some feedback!
Real-time of the video was about 50-60 minutes.
music used: see description
hope i don’t get any copyright strikes on the video, if so i’ll have to re-render with different music and re-upload. It’s currently under review and if i know YouTube i probably won’t know for sure for quite while.

on the topic of YouTube, is anyone having major issues with updating views/comments and videos not loading? or is mine just having a bitch fit?

Next time you should try and get the sun in the video rising