Day Night Cycle

Hi guys,

So new to the game and server but wondering if anyone could tell me why the day night cycle is set up to go by so fast, finding it hard to find my bearings in the game and get used to how things work as I am quite hampered at night and I am really still getting started. Is there a reason why its like this? Are there plans to change this later?

I did do a search but came up empty


Garry hasn’t said anything on changing day night cycle to my knowledge, but it’s still alpha so it could be changed at some point.

i just slowed it down, let me know how it is now

Explains the sudden day/night change.

I think that 1h of daytime and 15-30 min night would be perfect

I know these guys are limited in how extensive they can make this but I figured it might be cool to have varying day night cycles… Like full moon gives more visibility, raining days lower it, etc.

still feels fast, but it’s not as disorienting as it used to be.

It’d be nice if we had a day/night cycle identical to minecraft in time. That’d be just perfect.

Whadya say, Pat?

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So like, Day lasts 10 minutes, and Night lasts 7-15 minutes.

Preferably shorter than the day or equal to it, as it’s like that in real life as far as I know(?)

It has slightly improved but personally I’d like to see a longer cycle. And some people have been suggesting shorter nights than days and I think that would work best also. I mean someone was saying an hour for day and that might be nice tbh but if not maybe something like 30 mins for day and 10-15 mins for night

The reason for the fast cycle is for people to be able to easily identify graphical issues stemming from light or the lack thereof I thought…

I understand the reason for the fast cycle but I dont agree or like it. I mean the game is hard, hard to get started any way. I am sure once you are set up with a place and sleeping bag its a different story but I am finding it very hard because I get killed by others all the time for no reason and when I try to explore I run out of food and so on so I am stuck in this cycle and the day and night cycles are making this so much harder.

I would recommend that they be extended drastically. I mean there is no reason why people wont notice glitches if the day cycle lasts 30 mins or an hour however the accumulative affect for players like me is that I’ll walk away from the game. I’ve come back to this game tonnes of times over the last few days only to be killed over and over and over and night time is making that so much harder and as a result I am taking another break now and will probably start playing again tomorrow or at the weekend.

I will say though that if this is happening to me, and I am a patient gamer (and an old gamer) who loves testing games and new concepts, its happening to others