Day / Night pink and black reflections

i just set up a map that has a day/ night cycle but i’m having some issues with reflections all being pink and black for most people (not me for some reason) i am not sure why but i think it might have something to do with the fact that i forgot “env_skypaint”
would not including that entity / compiling with hl2 hammer (just realized gmod hammer works again) and having the skybox as “painted” cause the textures to be pink and black? or am i wasting another hour compiling my map again in gmod hammer to try to get this to work correctly

Pink and black reflections usually indicate that cubemaps are missing. Make sure you’ve built them for both HDR and LDR.

i have definatly built them it works fine for me and noone else, could it be that hl2 doesnt have “painted” skybox texture? and it tries to build the cubemaps from there?

and env_skypaint? could that have anything to do with it?

compiling in gmod hammer (where the painted skybox is a thing fixed my issue)

Is there a way to build cubemaps based on brightness? seems the cubemaps are always stuck with the day sky

as in you have cubemaps outside, and you have a day/night cycle going on, and want to change it? In anything before CS:GOs branch of Source SDK, I’m positive you can’t, but as far as CS:GOs branch, it’s probably possible.

i am using the day night cycle that the painted skybox and lights that turn off during the day the only issue i have noticed is the reflections ALWAYS reflect day