Day of Defeat Dynamite SWEP


*Place Explosive Charges
*Throw them
*Defuse them
*Change fuse burn time (19, 38, 76, 152) seconds
*Progress bar for defusing
*Animated burning fuse
*Admin only
*Fiery death explosions
*Ghost for placement. (Green is good, red is bad.)


*Day of Defeat: Source

How to use:

*Left-Click: Place Charge
*Right-Click: Throw Charge
*Reload: Adjust burn time
*Hold Use on bomb: Defuse (Anyone can)


Defusing the bomb.

Holding the weapon.

View of the bomb & ghost




Known bugs:

*Weld constraints may sometimes cause crashes

Looks cool, too bad you need Day of Defeat.

That’s awesome!

This was so much fun :keke:.

Before it comes up, we’ve already agreed on the upload and posting state, as saw in what.txt in the download.

Nice job, about time we got some new timed plantable boms. :smiley:

Can you use this if you only have a preload?

Works very nicely. :slight_smile:

Oh baby, I really have been looking around for one of these and requesting a Day of Defeat: Source TNT…

Although, you could add a little bit better explosion effect… Just a little bit. But I’m sure you won’t do that. Anyways, very nice :smiley:

Oh my God that is EPIC!!! This is awesome!!! been wanting a timed demo charge

Great work, I am glad I have DoD.

Can you use that spark particle? That red particle doesn’t seems too good.

No man, what you really need to do is make it to where it breaks contraints, and unfreezes objects, that would be the complete shit!

Nice One Mate!
(yes i am british)
slurps tea with milk and two sugars

Is it possible to make something like this with the CS:S C4? I don’t have Day of Defeat and this is pretty cool.

Ah man I don’t have Day Of Defeat.
But I would like to see a CS:S C4!

The CS:S C4 world model has no special animations, so it would be very boring as a weapon, compared to the TNT.

i wish someone made a version of this except it unfreezes objects in its blast radius


I Totally Agree it would be indeed awesome!

This thing is sweet man. I’m going on a rampage :smiley:

Too bad you can’t afford Day of Defeat.

Bump, so this does not waste away in the void of the forums.