Day of Defeat Gamemode

Hello Facepunch,

A Day of Defeat Death match game mode. Once you start up the game mode, open console and bind a key to: “team_menu” without the quotes of course. Once you press the key you bound, the class selection menu comes up. Select your class and let the death matching begin.

There is now no need to bind a key to use the menu. All you need to do is press F1. Unless you have bound F1 to complete a different Function other than “gm_showhelp”

Teams: [100% Complete: Each Team Has Their Own Menu]
The Bind: [100% Complete: F1/ShowHelp Now Opens The Menu]
Player Menu: [100% Complete: Now View The Other Players Kills]

A greatly appreciate your feedback on my work. Please leave any comments or questions below.

Special Thanks / Contributors:
Thoron - The Sweps (
Internet God (Granttttt) - Code Helper/Beta Tester
SparkmonkeyU - Beta Tester
τΔΠζØ - Some Random Kid
Abe - Code Helper

Version 1.0:

**Version 1.1: **

[lua][Official Change Log For Auto-Mod:Day of Defeat ]

-Removed Having To Bind (Now F1 Menu)

-Admin Tab Added
-Ground Work For Custom Spawn Menu Added
-Added ScoreBoard (F1 Menu)

[Soon To Come:]
-We Will Stop Using The ‘Sandbox’ Base
-Fixing LUA Errors With Gamemode SWEPs
-Custom Spawn Menu Will Be Added
-Custom Player Models Will Be Used (After Drop of Sandbox)



Looks pretty nice. Plain but nice. It’d be better if we had a better selection like Nazi’s v. Americans and they spawn in different parts of the map.

How about you use the functions built into GMod instead of forcing us to bind something.

Also creating a cooler HUD would be a nice addition
and for the teams why dont you have it so that on PlayerInitialSpawn The vgui is called?
downloaded and testing it out now = D
Good job for your first gamemode. there are no swep lua errors
the snipers the modeler fails cause when u zoom in it doesnt work
also i would add allies and axis?
team_menu could be console command for allies and axis
class_menu could be console command for the classes

Hey guys, thanks for all of the feedback. I think that you will be happy to know that i have already made improvements.

Thats excellent
im a beginner to but i have already made something like this
if you need help add me on steam -=PUMA=- Mandalore.
Cant Wait to see the finished gamemode

Make it exactly like dod and it would be cool . Do you need DOD:S for this to work ?

could you also release all the sweps as a seperate pack? its so hard to find a good DoDS weapon pack, and most of the time the bazooca and grenades are missing.

SWEP Info:
Posted above in the contributors area.

Do I Need DOD:S?
Yes, you need DOD:S because it gives you the weapon models.

No shit.

Info posted above

Version 1.1 Has Officially Been Released. Please download it and make sure you let me know of any issues.

The SWEPS that are built into the gamemode have some lua errors. Im currently working on them.

If I choose to be part of the Axis, will my playermodel change to an Axis playermodel?

The custom player models will be added soon. Becuase we are running off of sandbox base, it does not work correctly. (added to changelog)

Now with the blinds is great, i hope you dont have too much trouble with the glitch weapons in thirdperson view.
Any pics?

im not sure what you are saying/asking. can you re-ask. also, i will update the images shortly

well a long time ago i tried to make a gamemode with day of defeat sweps with gmod playermodels, was good except in thirdperson when I looked the postion of the weapon in the playermodel. You should test it in bots at first because is the same that happen with Tf2 sweps with gmod playermodels.

I don’t actually see the point in doing this… i mean… you cannot go prone… garry removed thos animations >.>

There really isnt a need to go prone. The basic idea of this gamemode is to have a rapid speed deathmatch. I dont want it to be 100% like DOD:S.