Day Of Defeat not showing up?

Hello all, been having some trouble here getting Day Of Defeat to mount to gmod, so far I’ve tried these things:

  1. Re-installed day of defeat

  2. Re installed Gmod

  3. Looked at the check box thingy and made sure that Day of Defeat was not checkable

  4. Re started Gmod to see if it would do anything

  5. Re-installed Steam

  6. Tried to Re-install Day Of Defeat again

Well, thats about all i’ve done and so far,and it has done absolutely nothing. Any help? i cant seem to get this to work, and its driving me crazy that i wont get the textures from there.

P.S. I Bought Day Of Defeat off of the Full Counter-Strike pack. I am still as wondering if this has anything to do with the failure with Day Of Defeat not showing up.

Bump, went back to 4th page, and still no reply.