Day Of Defeat Source Axis Player Models?

I am creating a edit of DarkRP and of course if you read the title I am making World War 2 RP since its been made but never released to the public. I just need Axis Player Models so if you can help then please do!

It won’t happen. Unless you own the game, you aren’t going to be able to use these models. And besides, last I checked the models from DoD:Source usually work as player models already.

I have the game. Do I need to use gcfscape or whatever to export them?

Just mount it in Garry’s Mod and then check.

If you have the game, do as Falcon Punch said and mount it in Garry’s Mod. You won’t need to do anything with GCFScape.


(not suggesting he should, but that he is)

No, he isn’t a pirate. I checked his Steam profile, and the game IS listed there.

XiOTiC, just in case you don’t know how to mount the game, just install DoD:S and then load GMod when it is done. From the main menu in GMod, you should be able to mount the game afterwards.