Day of Defeat: Source Ragdolls


I’m trying to make a WWII Themed DoD:S comic, but I don’t have DoD. I managed to get a couple of WWII American Soldiers, but every German SS Soldier I find requires DoD.

So I’m just requesting for someone to help me hex some DoD:S German models to use or maybe create some German Nazi SS’s

Thanks in advance.

Just buy it dude it’s only 10 bucks.

Buy it…is the unic way

I agree so much.

Doesn’t work that way bro.

Aye… That sucks :\

Can’t buy it. Asian parents are strict as hell when it comes to their childrens money.

Why are you making a DOD:S related comic if you don’t own DOD:S?

Why not use these:

Sorry. Not DoD:S related. WWII Related. I had American WWII Soldiers, Hitler, Stalin, Russian WWII Soldiers, but no Nazis. :frowning:

Then why does it say:

In the op?

Giving you game content you haven’t paid for is illegal.

Buy it yourself, dammit.

I wasn’t thinking when I wrote the OP

Okay then. Don’t give me DoD:S ragdolls. I never specified “MUST BE FROM DAY OF DEFEAT: SOURCE”. At least show me where I can get some Nazi WWII Ragdolls that DON’T REQUIRE DOD:S.

Jeez -.-

BTW Exorade, I tried those. I’m actually trying to make it as accurate as possible. Starting from the Fall of Stalingrad. Soldiers in short sleeves during a blistering cold winter day in Russia won’t cut it :\

AND I tried them… Only one Helmetless Nazi model appears. I can’t do a battle scene with one Nazi looking the exact same as every other one.

Stop saying nazis, it’s missleading, what you’re searching for is wermacht soldiers, not nazis per say.

If you can’t afford to buy DOD:S you’re shit out of luck because other than DOD:S hacks, there ain’t much others than the WAW germans.

Read the actual content before you link it.
The guy says he doesn’t own DOD:S.