Day of Infamy FJ Release

Day of Infamy FJ with MWR heads and a lof ot bodygroups:
1.Early war uniform + desert variant
2.Late war uniform, Coat (splinter and sumpfmuster) + winter hood
3.Wool and leather gloves
4.Fieldcaps, helmets and other stuff like googles…
5.K98 bandoiler, FG42 bandoiler

Download Links:

Thanks for help and reskins:

Thanks for test and arts:
Ebyam, Hauptmann, ppabba, lamoz571[/t][t][/t][t][/t][t][/t]

That proposal picture was great until I noticed Poland was in there, I laughed so hard
These look amazing, very very good work once again c:

Another nice release here mate. However, I got missing textures on the ‘parka_mwr’ and the fg42 models.

Is it possible to get a patch for this please?

Oh sorry, but parka_mwr and fg42 isnt from pack.

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It will be another pack with BO3 parkas and some weapons.

Hmmmm… Which pack would that be? (assuming that it has been released)

All Bo3 parkas with custom variants, like camos and Kharkov\Anorak parkas