Day Of Infamy Models?

I was wondering whether anyone had tried to or already has successfully extracted anything (even raw files) from Day of Infamy? I don’t own the game but there seem to be some pretty useful WWII British equipment in that game and some hard to find models like a Tam O Shanter and 3D cap badges.

I’m specifically trying to get the Royal Marine No.2 Commando model, I’ve been trying to find a Royal Marine cap badge for quite a while:[/t]

But there is also some other nice gear as well, the P37 Webbing, Battledress and Glengarry are reasonably high quality and you don’t find many British WWII models:

Theres also some rather nice American uniforms and gear in the game too I’m sure would come in handy for modders,

Thanks! :smile:

Being a game on the Source engine, it shouldn’t be too difficult to get models from the game. However, being on a different version of the Source engine, the models would require some minor work to function properly in Gmod.

how so
I know that DoI has unique PBR materials that need to be converted to work, but that’s a material thing. not a model thing

Decompiling and recompiling the models for Gmod is pretty easy actually.

I’m not sure if he still has them, but rama2299 has (or used to have) Day of Infamy models garry’s mod ready that people could test if they PM’ed him. I tested them but they were pretty glitchy, but most of the core stuff worked, like helmets and shit.