Day of the Headhumping Crabs - EP#1 - Hugo's Hangover

My first actual comic, setting the plate for what will hopefully be a series with a slightly BORING pilot episode.

Tell me guys what you think.

Laughed at 12 GAY FUCKSHOTS?

pretty good, not too cheesy either.

I think it’ll be pretty interesting to see where you go with this.

Second comic will be up by the end of this week, long story short: I’m busy.

What improvements do you want? Change colours, make it larger? Remove c17

Only a few small things: Gotta make it PD (got it as DP)
White font opposed to yellow
Maybe put the font on their chest as well if possible.
Make the font big and noticeable, like S.W.A.T. is written on special forces vests.
Can I get you to headhack the prison combine models instead (if you don’t want to I’ll still be fine with metro cops)

You can take as long as you want making these, since I’m not going to be making episode 2 till late Wednesday or Thursday.

Note that I can’t head hack them, but just reskin. But though I can still reskin it for you, and in the pose section there is a tool called a inflator, left click makes it deflate then makes that part of the body invisable
try it on the combines head, and a citizens body, nocollide each other then vola! A ‘head hack’.

I can do the text in about 30 seconds, but where the texture applies and placing it in the right place takes about 20 minutes.
So just tell me if that way works.

It works, although it really has to be PD rather than DP (stands for Missionary City Police Department).

I actually never thought of using the inflator for that. I usually only use it when I need to make someone fat or something. I’ll give that a go. So, if possible, could I get you to slap that text on the Prison Combine and Headhacked Metro Police?

I can do both! But note that it will replace, I will try to make it easier to remove the skin after you’re done.

You’re the best man.

I got the metro guy working smoothly, combine is going to take more time since I can’t find the proper directory.

12 gay fuckshots

I’ll try to improve them more, but for now I’ll load it on

niice I wanna see what happens next

Not too bad, I’m interested to see more.

Dude, you’re the best. Expect those skins in the next comic.

Speaking of which, I’ll begin work on the next comic late tomorrow and it’ll probably be up late Friday, assuming I’m not any more busy than I expect.

Got an error with your skins bro. They’re not giant ERRORs but both my Metro Cop and Barney models are now “shiny”. Took a screenshot here. Any idea what the problem may be?

I’m gonna have to make Ep#2 without the skins but if they’re fixed I’ll be sure to use them afterward.

EDIT: 2nd comic won’t be up for a while since I’m also having problems with the map I plan on using.

Hmmm, I never did anything else. I have no idea, all I did was the texture file no crazy phong mapping or some coding for a virus I’ll try to see whats wrong.