Day to Day Problems on the Forum

I would like to address an issue that I am seeing become more and more common every day. People are being banned from these forums for next to nothing. The cause of this, the Forum layout itself. There are 126 pages of threads on this forum, very few options on filtering. New players are coming in and looking for answers, NOBODY wants to sort through 126 pages of threads to figure out if the problem they’re experiencing already has been posted about. This is leading to new players/ forum users to be banned for no reason. While the moderators may think they have reasons, it’s pointless, you’re not fixing the problem of repetitive posts, you’re just cleaning up afterwards. I would suggest that instead of banning people we move in the direction to create a more user friendly forum layout. An example of a forum that would be useful is:
As you can see if you visit that forum, the sections are well organized and it is easy to navigate and find the thread topics.
This post is in no way an attack on the moderators or the forums, it is meant to be a helpful suggestion to try and create a better environment for the growth and development of this game.

                                                                                                                                        -Thank you for your time

(User was banned for this post ("this isn't the section for discussing the forum/this forum has a search feature" - postal))

Why is this in the rust section?

My opinion:The search button could be tweaked for more fluid and easier use i agree.