Daylight 24/7 All Mods Working Wiped 1/19 Great Admin

Tired of POS admins who abuse their rights? Tired of it turning night time? Tired of the server wiping just when you get rolling?

Our server is monitored by 2 adult admins who are respectful and helpful. No kids, no BS. I rented the server because i was tired of admins abusing the power, wiping the server for no reason other than they got owned. Someone’s hacking, they will be banned. We will only wipe when required to keep the server running. Server has the economy mod on it. Random Airdrops. Check it out it may be the last server you play on.

open your game press f1 and copy/paste net.connect

or find it on first page of the modded servers

Server is still up, does not have any strong raiding groups established. The economy system is working well, we are currently working on the bounty system. Please join and ask about any admin abuse, you will find none on this server.