Days Of Old

I spent more time on the Robot upfront than the rest of the picture

everyone else on screen is just an NPC

I have to say you did a really good job on this you have my Kudos.

dude wtf map choice is this

horrible 0/10

What’s that bright ball of light to the right supposed to be?

yeah what a terrible map choice a gmod image in a map you’d actually build things in

Yeah, honestly. How DARE screenshots of Garry’s Mod actually imply that people build contraptions on maps specifically designed for building contraptions. Self-referential art/humor, PFHA.

Title fits.

Anyways, this is a brillaint pose. its obviously a look back at before stuff like Wiremod and PHX were released.

The Ghost Of Garrysmod Past

also Phsykotik, you never played Freespace? nearly every server ran the map back then

i think phsykotik was being facetious.

Nah mate, it’s a neat pickar.

I was just jokin, but it doesn’t work well, I guess.