Am I looking at the matrix?

I’m not a lua genius at all but what you have posted is not inviting at all.

Describing it for people who can’t read and blame it on lua:
The hole code’s style is messed up.
No tabbing, not even enter.
Imagine someone writing 1000 words like “aaaaaaaaa bbbbbbbbbb ccccccccccc ddddddddd eeeeeeeee”
Till it get’s auto-wrapped.

can you try it and give us what’s wrong?

as in errors

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it’s minified

minified and unreadable.
If someone would code like that, he would be the worst coder ever or no he couldn’t even code because he wouldn’t even be able to read it.

And here’s the fix, OP - It was even mentioned on the release thread at the last site.

also uses pointless/random semicolons with zero consistency. Personally I hate using semicolons where they’re not enforced, but if you’re gonna use them at least use them right.

Thanks all to tried to help, and sorry for the code, it came from Sgt Sickness’s thread of v33x.