Daytime/Night Script Using Env_Sun

I couldnt decide wether this should go under mapping or LUA but my problem resids with the mapping portion:

Im currently trying to use on a map im editing; Ive got the light_env added and the Env_sun, the only problem is… the sun moves around the map as it is suppose to but the lighting does not change. I dont think the map im editing is using HDR lighting.

Its an old script. Look at the example map that its got.

I did; I tried to decompile it so i could figure out what I needed to do but its protected =/

Any Suggestions?

Uh could you try to explain if you woul, what he means by:
“Firstly create 4 sides in a func_brush surrounding the inside of the skybox”

Make 4 sided func_brushes on the inside of your skybox.

So you have a func_brush in front of each skybox brush.

So I need to pretty much trace over the sky box with func_brush?


How do I create a 4 sided brush; Sorry for the noobish question =/

it’s a block

Alright I figured it out thanks to the above posts but now, Ive got another problem. I can see the outline of the func_brushes i created in front og the skybox. The sun lighting is working GREAT now but the being able to see the outlines of the boxes is pretty annoying

Also, instead of tracing all the skybox textuers could i just make 1 big box in the sky?

No. You should do this in the 3D skybox.

How would i recrate this in a 3d Skybox? Using a sky camera, if so how?

Make an empty box in the sky which is 16 times smaller than the map and place the func_brushes on those.

Ill try that; Atm i tried this… I replaced th 2d skybox with the sky_fake_white texture and created 1 big Cube sky box around the map… will it work? Compiling atm


3D Skybox tut, not mine.

Uh The way I did appears to work,by replacing the skybox with sky_fake_White and creating on giant hollow cube around the map and texturing it with tools/toolsskybox; thanks for all the help though =)

Ugh don’t do that! Hollowing a cube around your map isn’t going to make your map better, it makes it worse.

I tried the 3d sky box like you said but… my map is roughtly the size of Evocty_v2 sooo would that like double the map size (Metabytes wise)??