DayZ: Bandits. Bandits everywhere.

I made a DayZ posing and I felt it was thread-worthy.

Basically, guy just got all his stoof and bandits are hunting him down. Because in DayZ SA there is literally more bandits than there is zombies.
C&C is appreciated and welcomed.


Should probably open the images in new tabs to see them better.


Ooh so that was YOU on Deviant art; well its just as awesome as it was on there :slight_smile:
Very good work with the mist, makes it seem zombie incident like.

Thankyou and yes, that was me. c:

There’s zombies in DayZ?

[sp]yes its a joke[/sp]

The foliage in the foreground looks really copy-pasted. Aside from that, not bad.

I’m not really getting any Day vibes out of this.

Neither do I, especially since you can sort of apply this human versus human interaction in any setting, modern or post-apocalypse. Still, the idea itself is there, even if it’s not strictly related to DayZ. Not sure how you could illustrate or compose it to be a DayZ-specific scene, though, since I don’t play the game: Adding ruins and scavenging still keeps it rather unspecific and vague, since DayZ as a concept and setting is very generic.

The DayZ vibes I see out of it is their russian people. In a forest. I added a DayZ-styled image aswell.

I just had the game in mind as I posed this.

Maybe it’s just how you’ve experienced Dayz. Most people I’ve met in standalone hostile or not haven’t been wearing any military gear unless I’ve met them near and around military hotspots.

Your picture has bunch of ultra tacticool soldier types (wearing winter camo) ambushing a tacticool soldier in a forest.

Where as if I was asked to do something Dayz related most of the dudes would be wearing gear such as this:

Well, thanks for the heads up I guess.

that looks nothing like dayz, where are all the naked people running around, penises swinging in the wind

oh wait that’s rust isn’t it

What model is that?

It’s not a model.