DayZ/Call of duty Ghosts/RUST/ Giveaway :)

Hello guys,and girls…
I’m creating video of minecraft,gta san andreas multiplayer,and i need your help,for this,i will give you chance,to win some popular games.but first you need to help me.
1.Open a browser.
2.Open youtube write matas753,or go from this url
3.Press “Subscribe” button.
4.Write your steam name,and what name you subscribed me,here.
5.Check again,if you really subcribed me,and wait for a chance,to win three gifts :wink:

First gift-RUST-400 Subscribers.DAYZ gift-500 Subscribers.Call OF DUTY GHOSTS-1000 Subscibers.
All what you need to do is,subscribe me,and write at comments your steam name and what name you subscribed me :wink: Enjoi :slight_smile:

(User was banned for this post ("Asking for subscribers / Crap thread" - Swebonny))

Why cant people get likes and subs the old way, from people who actually enjoy their videos…

I will make a contract with youtube,so i need subscribes,and then i’m going to make really cool videos,with my team :wink:

You don’t need subscribers for partnership, what you need is views.

and this isn’t the way

I don’t care,close this disscusions,if you want to have a chance to win these games,subscibe and write y our name :wink:

Subscribed as - ThatGuy
Steam -

You have better chances to give away bad rats and that without the use of subscribe bullshit like this.

Now I understand why nobody subscribes to me. huh. Should giveaway some shitty games once in a while.

The person who gonna win the gift,I’ll contact him,and place his name over this thread.
Wish good luck,for all who is trying,to win this :wink:

That’s not how that works.

You create content people actually enjoy with a steady income of views, and THEN YouTube gives you the little tiny check for the ad revenue.

Why so many subscribe whores these days?

Getting really PRETTY FUCKING ANNOYING Dakotaz.

Wow, I can’t believe this. Do you seriously think you will gain a contract by temporarily having more subscribers? As soon as those gifts are given, you will lose your subscribers immediately. You can’t make a contract if nobody likes your content.

No offence, but your videos aren’t even the slightest interesting. They’re just gameplay footage with some really terrible music. Recorded in awful quality and messed up aspect ratios.

Live Commentary is a big thing nowadays, you’d probably be better of with that.

2 Hints:
1. Stop using FRAPS. It is by far one of the worst recording software available nowadays*(Except for being very portable)*. Personally, I’d recommend DXTory over any other software.
2. Learn how to properly edit and render videos.


1000 for Cod lol Here’s my thoughts

1: Cod = Boring
2: Rust = FUN
3: DayZ = FUN
4: are you really doing a give away or are you want fake subs that don’t like your content?
5: just stop

What a fucking scam. You have 15 subs, and your first giveaway is at 400. You are a joke.

can you even prove that you have the games?

Yeah, this too. I could say “Hey everyone, like my comment right here! I will give away a super computer when I get 4,000 ‘winners’ on this!” Saying it doesn’t mean I will actually do it, you gotta prove it.

You haven’t supplied any proof that you own them for gifting? Show proof or lock post. It look like your just fishing for likes.

And he steals the name “Dakotaz” from the WarZ/ISS streamer…lol

You don’t even need views anymore.

I got a partnership with 10 views :slight_smile: