[DayZ] Lone survivor sense a threat while filling his canteen



ArmA 2 - DayZ mod related

This is a neat idea.

Everything is fantastic, though his left eye looks a bit off.
Other than that it’s perfect.

shouldn’t the guy taking aim be a bandit?

really awesome though

That is awesome.
Now tell me where you found these ragdolls and props.

Some CoD pack, Vietnam Era Soldiers (backpack), mod content (RnL, NeoTokyo), L4D, Frontlines hats, etc. The rest is a good use of conventionnal tools (material, color etc)

Very nice picture, but not enough revolvers. :v:

That’s So Neat

No need for water. He should just drink his own piss. I mean, Bear Grylls does.

reminds me of DayZ mod COKE AND BAKED BEANS!