Daz face morph programs good enough to recreate these 2d & 3d characters?


I was thinking about getting

And attempting to recreate these 2d and 3d characters but with Daz meshes and textures

Now the first two is just making a 3d mesh look like another 3d mesh. Something that i’ve already experimented with before in Maya. But it was a bit easier with that experiment because the mesh i was trying to copy and the mesh that i was adjusting had the exact same vert count…just different shapes. So all i had to do for that one was adjust the X-Y-Z coords of one mesh to match the one i was trying to copy. But that was for a different model…the one i’m working on now as you can see the verts and polys are not the same. So i’m wondering if i should move the X-Y-Z coords for the Daz head so that its contour matches the other heads or if the sliders on the Daz3d face morph program/addon will be able to get that same kind of detail. I’ve had to match contours on different items with mis-matching vert/poly counts too but it was for easy stuff like trying to make a shirt look good on a body. This is making a face look like another face so any imperfection i’m thinking will be a lot easier to spot.

Now the second model is Lana Kane from the Archer TV series. The one pictured is actually someones attempt at porting her over into Sims 3. I thought that it was a pretty good attempt, but i’m not able to find the 3d mesh for that mod. So i’m stuck with using her in show front and side views to try to adjust the 3d mesh of the Daz head. I’ve seen tutorials of people creating 3d objects and even 3d humanoid models out of two 2d pictures, but i have not done this myself. So for re-creating the main cast of Archer show I was wondering if that face morph program will be able to give me the kind of adjustments to facial features i want to get the look i need for the Archer characters. And i’m not going for “it looks close enough” like how some people on the Daz shop try to recreate Lara Croft but it doesnt look like her or whatever. I want the morph kit to be able to adjust the mesh so that when somebody looks at it they will say “ohh that looks exactly like Lana Kane from the show…but where are her Tec-9’s and truckasaurus hands?”

I tried asking this on the Daz forums but not really confident in the answer that i got.