DB Bans

I am very fustrated to see that after last night I got on today and could not play on my favorite server. I apparently have a rust db ban even though I wasnt even on I just bought the game and I WILL NOT buy it again or support this game and I have been around since the dutch auction. I am very interested to know why i was banned.

did you buy your game directly from steam, from your personal account? or did you buy the steam account from someone else?

I’m confused, was there another dutch auction? The only one I heard of was from before I even joined. Or have you been on the forums this whole time, and just now bought the game?

What is there to be confused about? He just said he played since the dutch auction.

“rust db ban” sounds like the db for the Oxide plugin?

Is it EAC? VAC? No one could really help you in any of these cases, except maybe EAC.

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Can you play on any other servers? If its just one, odds are you did something to warrant a block from that particular server, be it being obnoxious, spamming or working with a known cheater. Not trying to point fingers or anything, just stating as quite a few people as of recently have been banned from singular servers for the reasons listed.

rust db bans are the plugin, not EAC or VAC. OP you can still play on servers that don’t use the plugin provided you haven’t been EAC’d or VAC’d too.

I interpretted him just buying the game as him recently purchasing it. But now am thinking he’s saying he simply purchased it and didn’t play until recently.

Made it a bit clearer for your poor eyes.

Its a DB Ban guys and certain servers do NOT allow them and to clarify I have had this game since dutch auction there was only one! My first steam acc. was hacked and I couldnt get it back I just bought it back about 1 month and a half ago, sry for the confusion guys.

yeah, that’s what i said; servers with the plugin will not allow you to play, but servers without the DB plugin will. as for the state of the account, well it’s kind of irrelevent. if you were able to play until just recently, you got banned either manually by an admin via the db plugin, or by an autodetect fro the same plugin.

move server, or contact the db crew.

What I love about RustDB is how it’s become exactly what I warned against.

There are ban reasons like “leaving during a test”, “you’re a cunt”, “Bad language”, and even three entries in a row for “Refuse to do Type Test”. And even for refusing to take their profile off private when an admin confronts them. And I only looked at one random server’s bans in the last seven days.

DB bans for refusing to cooperate with an admin when they’re trying to test something and trying to force players to assist. What a great and reliable system.

While I agree with you on this one, there are ways around this issue that they just didn’t take. IMHO admins contributing to this list should be part of a discussion group where bans are submitted and then reviewed/voted upon by council members. This would avoid arbitrary and random/stupid bans like the ones you mention here. There might be a couple of “wrongful” bands that still get through, but it would make that kind of DB much more useful and credible.

I might have mentioned this on here before but back while I played Rainbow Six 3: Ravenshield we had a community called “RespectedAdmins” that managed and shared a big common banlist for that game based on automatic punkbuster bans but also on admin-submitted screenshots and videos. While some of these were obviously “in good faith”, there was a council that would review very carefully the submissions and made sure there was pretty much an undeniable reason to put a ban through. Being part of that small council of “RespectedAdmins” wasn’t an easy feat, it was a very closed circle and they took things very seriously.

That system alone is what saved that game from cheaters and made it a very popular competitive PVP game for many years. It worked really well and the false positives were extremely rare and few because of the effort made by all those admins working together to keep the game clean.

I’d really like to see a similar system in Rust but unfortunately, the tools we have as admins to positively identify cheaters are few and far between.

The only way a community-run banlist will ever work is if it’s run with the same transparency, the same rigorous standards for documenting and submitting bans, and the same standardized appeal process that a real anticheat/banlist system like VAC has.

Otherwise it’s 100% doomed to fail from people filling it up with shit unless you have so few servers that you know every server admin and server mod directly. Anytime you have one of these you have the problem of who is in charge of deciding what is and is not a valid ban, and rarely does the community manage to appoint an impartial and thorough moderator with the patience and drive to do everything by the book and treat all users fairly.

Sure as hell never happened with RustDB, and there was no thought or mention of it in every one of the dozens of other threads that whiny bitches created begging for a community blacklist because VAC didn’t work instantly the way they wanted when it came to catching cheaters in their broken alpha. RustDB’s outcome was entirely predictable from before it even started.

When you have certain members of the community with the power to make decisions like that, it becomes a game of relationships and earning favours and trying to press your influence to ban or unban someone when you believe they’re not being handled properly – and the pressure will happen unless the admins are completely anonymous…and then that creates the problem of who the fuck are we trusting? The system needs to be as transparent as possible, and if it’s transparent and the ‘decision board’ is made up of members from the community, favouritism and interference quickly follow.

If I really wanted to, I could poison the RustDB in ways they’d have a hard time detecting until I’d managed to ban probably thirty thousand random Steam IDs. However, I’m not going to because it’s a waste of my time and I don’t see any value in deliberately fucking up a community resource, no matter how flawed it is.

RustAdmin is now using a globally shared list with all RustAdmin users. You can opt-in or opt of the global banlist, I feel as though this may or may not end up like RustDB if the bans are not triple checked.

Like I said Exit, the game and system I’m quoting worked really well and I was one of the select few “Respected Admins”. There were about 12 of us top and it really worked well. Anyways without that level of checking with an active, transparent and dedicates council it is of course doomed.

12 people for how many servers? Was it fewer than 1200+?

That kind of system doesn’t scale unless you go full-blown VAC levels of organization.

I put a ticket in on rust DB thanks for the link and support you guys are awesome!