DButton Change Color

Is there any way to assign to a button something like " CursorOver " and when you go with the cursor over the button it will change the button color.

You could make your own button element, it’s not too hard. See the old maurits wiki, it has a tutorial somewhere

I looked everywhere but I couldn’t find anything.
I found the DButton and I checked all the " Methods " but there isn’t anything that can help me.
And don’t really know how you could do your own button element.

locol color = Color(200, 200, 200)
DButton.OnCursorEntered = function()
color = Color(150, 150, 150)
DButton.OnCursorExited = function()
color = Color(200, 200, 200)
DButton.Paint = function()
draw.WordBox(8, 0, 0, DButton:GetText(), “Default”, color, Color(1, 1, 1))

DButton is derived from DLabel. So you able to use the functions DLabel has. You don’t need Paint I like to have a overall color scheme in my menu’s so that why I have that their.


Here it is if the guy above me’s solution didn’t answer your question.

That helped , thank you.