DBZ gotenks.

Gotenks models were found in GTA. For importing over gombolori.com.

Anyone at all can make the model?
Im closing this thread. theres already one with DBZ raging blast 2

Wow, your way with words is compelling. You may not have included any sort of reference material, but I can over look that for once for a post like that. Here you are good sir.

Where is that model from and are there anymore like it?

Yes there is. Gombolori.com.

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Oh… Can you also make the normal gotenks with black and grey hair from gombolri?

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Is this for garrys mod?

Because i hate opening those files. They dont help into where you have to put them.

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Theres normal gotenks. Think you can start?

If you had known that already then why didn’t you post it at the start of your thread?

No, it won’t work in gmod. It is just a model as you requested. It needs to be rigged and compiled. I got it from 3D ripper DX and then fixed it up. I can make a few more easily, but rigging is a different story.

Then what the hell is this for?

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Because there not for gmod.

.smd (half life)

I don’t know why but that site wont let me access .-.