DBZ Scripta and SWep requests

I was recently playing and watching some Dragon Ball Z, and I realized something: I should request some DBZ stuff for GMod. Onto the request:
I was thinking, a float script, where you fly like the Saiyans in DBZ after getting punch or kicked. An Aura Script, that will make an aura around the player after charging their Ki. Now for the weapon requests: A fists SWep, punch someone upwards and they will float in the air. A kick SWep, much like the Sparta Kick SWep, without the uber damage or the SPARTA sound, has the same effect as the fists. Ki Blast SWep, shoots a Ki Blast (you can use fireballs, but without the set on fire effect). And, last but not least, the Kamahamaha SWep, shoots a big blue laser from the player’s hands.
This might be a lot, but if you can do it, you would be a Lua King (or Queen)! Thanks in advance.

I made the title say “DBZ Scripta and SWep requests”. :ohdear: I’m so stupid.

I don’t know man. All the people who make cool sweps would never make anything like this. Some 5 year old would probably try to make it and it would be cheesy as hell.

You’re probaby just saying that because none of your requests are ever fulfilled.

Bumpity Bump! Got that from the Admins.