DC Comics - Batgirl

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Release: Batgirl
Toe posing! (Download Toe-Poser here)
Ragdolled Cape and Ponytail!

*A custom skeleton! Meaning **NO**, I will not make this a playermodel, NPC, or whatever the hell someone's gonna ask for.*

A legitimate copy of Garry’s Mod

Known Bugs:
There are no known bugs at the time of release. If you encounter any, don’t hesitate to report them!

The DirectX© 8 eye shaders are already included, thanks to nifty fallback shaders.
Now, both DirectX 8 and DirectX 9+ users can enjoy the model without need of any fixes! :smiley:

If you have trouble finding where grab the ragdoll, open your console and type “sv_cheats 1” to enable cheats,
and then “vcollide_wireframe 1” to make all collision models visible. Type “vcollide_wireframe 0” to disable this.

-!!-*vcollide_wireframe may cause a crash if there are a huge amount of visible props*-!!-



Download Links:

Credits to BlueJ97 of the XNALara Forums for the original model hack.
Credits to DC Comics and Rocksteady Studios for Batman: Arkham City.

If you decide to edit, hex, or reskin this model, make sure to credit DC Comics, Rocksteady Studios, and Warner Bros.!

If you find any crippling bugs (missing textures, explosive face posing, broken limbs, etc), send me
a message on Facepunch or post in this file’s thread.


Squiddy, you are just made of plain awesome!! Downloading now and have a winner!



perhaps it is time i make a promo pic?

“Very nice… how much?”

nanananan Batgirl

Nice! I hope it’s not floppy like Ezio.

Offers personal harem to Squiddy.

Thanks a lot good sir:dance:

And you can put the “no player model” message in huge flashing neon signs. The stupid or terminally blind will drool and ask anyway.

Haven’t tested her but looks well made. Well done.

It seems to have worked reasonably so far. :v:

This was inevitable:quagmire: And that is Fapman, not Batman… Haha

Thread theme?

Jesus your coming out with everything awesome after you get back

Is that serious? I cna imagine it as a porn movie.

I wish this model had more detailed textures to fit in with the game’s art style. Perhaps development of an alternate skin is in order?

is this a customed model or official?

It’s custom made.

Give us another link that isnt garrysmod.org