DC Universe Online models

anyone interested of porting DC characters to Garry’s Mod, it doesn’t matter if they are heroes or villians, it just be more epic to have them as ragdolls.

any thoughts about this?

Nice to see another one into this. Though I’d also like NPC and Player Model characters too. I actually requested Cassie Sandsmark / Wonder Girl in an earlier thread. I know some superheroes (Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, etc.) have already been done, but perhaps we can have some more (Batgirl, Wonder Girl/Cassie - like I mentioned before, etc.).

Not sure if it can be done. I might try a crash course in porting, although I don’t think I have the necessary software to do it.

i don’t know if its possible

It can with umodel, but they are really…reaaaally low-detailed. Almost blurry texture’s.

then that sucks

You talking about the DC Universe online models, or how they come out with umodel?

I could imagine there would be some need for refinement.

Prepare to have your eyes knocked out!

Somebody managed to convert a number of the the models into Blender format. You can download them, complete with the necessary TGA textures and all. I already donwloaded Wonder Girl myself and am trying to port the dang thing into Gmod as an npc and a player model. If anyone wants to help me, I have the model myself (and backup files for it just in case! lol).

mother of god, he basically rip all of the characters in the game.

These guys could go well with TF2 maps

well i hope now someone can start porting the models !

I’d like to send Wonder Girl through the Stargate, if you get my gist.