DC Universe Ragdolls

Well I’ve been trying to port these models my self but It’s hard, only one person ported a model from DC Universe, Two Face.
So can someone try to port these?

DC Universe Models

Wonder Woman

Green Lantern

The Flash

Captain Marvel


There are more here, but I’m lazy to do all them - http://razkurdt.deviantart.com/gallery/?q=DC%20Universe%20&offset=0

Oh yeah, The title of the thread was supposed to be DC Universe Online Live Ragdolls, so thank AaronM202 for pointing that out.

Look before you post.

There is a superman and batman and catwoman and wonderwoman already here.

Did you read the title of this post " DC Universe Ragdolls"? Look before you post.

I hope you know that the game is called DC Universe Online, not DC Universe, and DC Universe could mean anything from the comics to the superman films to the batman porno.

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Basically, you’re being dumb.


But the others are right, DC Universe could mean any DC game that could have models potentially ported from.

No, actually.

He got the games name wrong, so nobody knows what he’s on about.

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And a crappy flash and green lantern, from MK vs DCU.

Hey it’s a typo, no need to be hasty Aaron.

No, a typo is misspelling a word.

You never once had “online” in your post or thread title.

Yeah whatever.

Well you ain’t gonna get much help with that attitude pal.

How many requests have you made?

How many have actually been completed?

This is why.

Yeah sorry, I’m mad because this boss in DC Universe Online Live keeps defeating me.

In my almost two years on here THAT is the worst excuse I have ever heard! Why turn that hatred you have for a boss on a game onto other people? What is wrong with you?


Oy my god, are you freaking kidding me? Did I accuse you of lying? Not only that, you posted screenies of said problem? Jeez the screenshots are even called accusation!! I hope thats just coincidence.

The worst excuse?

He’s saying your attitude is shit and its not getting you your requests.

As in, don’t use your problems like losing at a game to sling attitude at people, I couldn’t give two shits if you were lying or not, it’s still an excuse.

You are telling that I have bad additude, yet that you tell me that I am being dumb, because I forgot to put DC Universe Online Live on the title, I don’t like your attitude.

Well duh, otherwise people are just going to link you to the existing models.