DC17 Weapon Pack

Originally just models I made these into world/view models and coded them into SWEPs.

Credits to ning-go-blah for requesting and helping.

What is in this pack.

Sniper / grenade launcher / pistol / re made dc17

And now has Iron sights.

In hand.


In Iron Sight:


Do these weapons use the same sounds as in Republic Commando?

No not at the moment. I can try if I can find some. Currently they use the ar2 fire sounds.

Fuck yes!

What’s wrong with the hand?

How did you get the ironsight pos and ang? I would like to try this method of view model creation with another weapon I have. I have been using “Ironsight Designer”, but since it’s a not a view model Ironsight Designer serves me no purpose.

I used SWEP Construction Kit - developer tool for modifying viewmodels / ironsights

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what do you mean ?

It’s being held like an smg1.

I have to ask, but how did you remove the SMG view model using SWEP Construction Kit whilst keeping the hand models?

open up the list of parts to select and one of them is for scaling the gun. It is near the bottom I think it is the base one.

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Well of course it is I don’t know how it is support to look. I have never even played the game.