DCheckBox Text not showing

im using a DBevel and a surface.DrawRect with the same size and if i now place a DCheckbox on the DBevel and add a text, i can see the checkbox but not the text…
DLabels work fine though


Can you show us your code?

i figured it out…“DCheckBox” doesnt hae a text, i wouldve needed a “DCheckBoLabel”

Next time please do a spellcheck before you ask something.

Noone is going to help someone who writes like a retard.

i missed 2 letters
i am SOOOOOOOOO sorry… -_-

You should be, if you ask facepunch a specific question and they have to spend more time reading the question then actually helping you, they will probably be less motivated to help you, if you don’t care, we don’t care?

you know that my question was written perfectly fine?
it was where i answered my own question ( causse noone took the time to answer me) where i misspelled two words…