I found DComboBox after getting frustrated with DMultiChoice not working, and I got DComboBox to work. I have a slight problem. How would I center the DComboBox:SetValue(“blah blah”) instead of having it aligned to the left of the combo box?

DComboBox:Center() ?? http://wiki.garrysmod.com/page/Panel/Center

No, that centers it in the middle of the DFrame. I want the text inside the DComboBox to be centered. Right now, it has “Select a Player” aligned to the left, but I want it to be in the center of the box.

Oh, i believe that is not possible…

If it’s going to be fixed text that won’t change, you could space it out manually with spaces before the word. Otherwise I would use the paint hook to paint the text manually in the box and center it that way.