DCP Latency Issue - Major Lag In Rust

I usually get ok fps in rust (20-30fps), but after I upgraded from windows 8.1 to windows 10, I started to lag a lot. But it was not an overall fps drop, infact, my overall fps actually improved (35-50fps). But after i start playing for more than 2 minutes, I start getting these incredibly annoying lag spikes, which range from .5 to sometimes 5 seconds. And the fps goes down to like 3fps. Also, it distorts the audio and makes this really weird noise. I searched it up, and after some research I found it was because my DPC Latency became high. I downloaded a program that monitors my DCP. This is how it looks when I play Rust:

When I am not playing rust it looks like this:


Can anyone help me out, and btw I do not have any other antivirus installed besides Windows Defender