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This is a request for Digital Combat Simulator models, or a way to extract them. I tried with 3D ripper DX but in the ModelViewer not all the model is captured, And using ninja riper is a pain in the arsss to ensemble the model back together, the sizes and proportions are at random some times cause ninja riper rips before shaders. DCS simulator is free to download and the models are in HD with a hi graphic quality and with cockpits also in HD.

Here are some pictures of the Models.








I already have MI-8, T-90 and others. Sorry for all the big images but they were for reference.

Thanks in advance


Sorry I forgot, if some one is interested in the models that I already have please tell me .

mi8 please?you can find a ka50 on gtainside~

Please please please send me the models you have. I have been trying to get them for ages. Unfortunately none of the rippers work for me and DCS

Here you have

The Mi-8MTV2 or Mi-17 link:http://www.mediafire.com/download/dw0xa0o7wr3nmd6/M-17.rar

also I have Mi-28, Mi-26, Ka-50, F-15E, Su-25 and all the missiles, bombs and some of the tanks and others. I need the new models like Su-27, Su-24, Mig-21 or others.

My Internet is a bit slow so please be patient, and ask for specifics thinks like: I want R-77 or AIM-9 missiles cause to upload all of them at once is a bit difficult. I would be uploading all that I have but step by step or on request.

And please help me with the other models, or a way to extract them I know that here are some excellent reverse-engineers that could help.

Some other info of the DCS, the models format were in .LOM that could be captured using 3D ripper DX and their own ModelViewer but since they went free they change the models to .EDM and when you capture them with 3D ripper not all the model is captured I think is has something to do with the version of directX they using now and 3D ripper lacking some functions.
On the other hand Ninja Ripper (they went open source recently https://github.com/blackninja2/ninjaripper) captures all the models but with parts at random size and position. My guest is cause ninja riper work before shaders are applied that’s why it captures in T-pose all models.

I hope that this help to catch the eye of some one with the abilities to make a extractor or something.

DartShinigami Out…

hmm, the file can’t opened, seems corrupted for me

Is in RAR 5 so that’s why it wont open, sorry my bad. next ones would be in normal RAR. Also to open just upgrade to RAR 5 is free.

Ah okay, worked now, thanks

thank you very much!another question .do the jets and choppers have a detailed cockpit? if they do ,please upload them ,thanks in advance!

not all, only the ones featured in specific modules, like the KA-50, F-15C, A-10C and a few others. The Mi-26 and F-15E don’t have one (just for example)

Many thanks for the model!:smile:

Hi guys and gals:

Here you have the Missiles of both US and RUS sides and F-15E: https://www.mediafire.com/folder/zbyvj4pqva49k//Models

hjjiang some good news and some bad ones:

1-The good one first; Yes they have HD cockpits with extreme graphics.
2-Now the bad news, unfortunately I don’t have the cockpits.

Is cause is in extreme difficult to ensemble the cockpit back together, I told to the forum that the new models are in .EDM and the only way at least that I know is trough Ninja Ripper and when you do it the models are captured in odd proportions and places all related to the 0.0.0xyz of the space. and sorry for pressing this much but we need and extractor :).

On the other hand there is a saying in Spanish that says: “Da las gracias a quien te da un pescado, pero agradece más a quien te enseña a pecar.” On a lose translation would be: “Thanks the men that give you a fish, but thank more the one that teach you how to fish.” So here are my tutorial on how to ripp from DCS. Don’t worry I keep uploading the files that I have.

What you need:

1- DCS world (link for download on the their on web).

2- Window XP or Window 7 32bit version (I didn’t tried in Window 8 or 8.1 32bit versions) !!!IT DOESN’T WORK ON 64bit VERSIONS OK!!!

3- Ninja Ripper version 1.1.4 and ninja ripper importer plugin link on their web. buscar links!!!

4- 3D Max 2011 or 2009 don’t know if the Ninja ripper importer plugin works on older versions.

5- Knowledge of 3D Max, not casual user, sorry guys/gals. (If you don’t have much ability like me. Don’t feel bad, see the tips section).

6- A ton of patience, when I mean a ton is more like endless supply. Best to work near the patience factory. Sometimes your girlfriend helps when you are frustrated!!! I mean she know 3D Max, what were you guys thinking??? :).

How to do:

here come the easy part :wink:

1- Install the DCS world preferably on C:\DCSWorld with no spaces between characters. (that’s cause sometimes the ripper has problems with spaces in DIR).

2- When it finish you would see that the installer has made two icons on the Desktop, pick one (the one that more rage gives to you :slight_smile: ).

3- Right click the icon and then Properties and then were it says Target or Destination (I don’t know my windows is in spanish but in any case the first textbox that you see) and find the direction of the ModelViewer.exe and paste the complete dir in Target or Destination, well you know were… If you are been following this tutorial will be something like this: “C:\DCSWorld\bin\ModelViewer.exe”.
Now you have an icon for the ModelViewer and by the way is the only way the ModelViewer works so cheers!!!

4- Next open the ninja ripper and click the box right next to EXE textbox. Find the DCS icon that you modified it should be on Desktop.

5- Cheers you almost finish the easy part!!!

6- Then chose the ripping Output directory I use Desktop for easy of use. don’t forget to check the “Don’t change the path” radiobutton.

7- Now go to the combobox down-below RUN and use the D3D9 Wrapper mode. don’t forget to press RUN ;).
Sometimes the ModelViewer need bit of time to start. And now open any model that you want too ripp. The models are in C:\DCSWorld\Bazar\World\Shapes\ if your been following this so called tutorial.

WARNING!!! If you made it work. You don’t need to do it again cause ninja ripper has already configured himself to start every time DSC ModelViewer start.!!! you just have to remember the ripp button.

Until here is the easy part at least for me!!!

here comes the Time consuming part, is like a puzzle for a very savant 3D Max users not my case I’m a simple Informatics engineer:

Ninja ripper doesn’t have like 3D ripper DX a info on the left corner of the screen but it should be working by now. then press the button that you chose to ripp by default it should be F9 but you can chose any one of the Function keys. the ModelViewer freezes a few seconds or minutes depending on your PC spec. And the the ripping is done. Close all and verify that the ripp Directory if full of textures and models.

WARNING!!! If you don’t see the Directory that Ninja Ripper created when it was ripping on the Desktop or wherever you put it, then you mess up something start again.

8- Open the ModelViewer and load the model that you have ripped for view reference. keep it open you would need it. !!!TIP: TWO MONITOR HELPS A LOT!!!

9- Now open 3D Max and got to MAXScript and open the ninja ripper importer plugin “ninja_ripper_1.3.ms” and import all the models of the ripp and star to clean and ensemble the model back together using for reference the other Model that you have in the ModelViewer.

Tutorial on working with ninja ripper are in their web so you know.

10- When you finish don’t forget to save the models(one time it happen to me after 4H of work, and I was like going on a killing spree with my dog and a AK-47, luckily the AK-47 was an airsoft replica and the dog talk me out of doing it) and please upload for the community.

The last part is very important :).

The end of the tutorial.


If you don’t know much of 3D Max read this section:

First variant:
Call your girlfriend like in my case and bam!!! problem solved. She will ensemble the model back together and the only thing that you have to do is watch and keep silent and want she need something run like hell to get it. And when she finish praise her like if were your life on the line, (like I’m doing now). Get her to wherever she want to go and don’t hesitate to buy anything that she want for at least 2 weeks or more depending on the stress lever generated.

Second variant:
You could ask a friend to help you but it has to be one that loves you like your Mother cause the work is extenuating. WARNING!!! is possible that from that day on he or she doesn’t speak to you any more :slight_smile: ejejejejejee. now jokes apart.

Third variant:
If you don’t have any of the above find DeepExploration 6.3 (is the one I use when she don’t want to help me) with this program is a lot easier to ensemble the models. Because it recognize the chunks of the model like they were separated parts, for example if you select in a tank one of the cannon poligons it will not only select the poligon or that face it will also select the hole cannon.

(I know that is difficult to understand the last sentence and is cause I’m not a native English speaker) so here goes an explanation in Spanish perhaps someone with more skill than me could translate better the explanation:

If you know please translate and I will update the post!!!

DeepExploration tiene una función que le permite reconocer las partes de los modelos como si fueran pedazos enteros por ejemplo si tu seleccionas en un tanque la torreta no te va solamente a seleccionar el polígono o la cara que seleccionaste. Te va a seleccionar la torreta completa.

How to:

1- Open 3D max and import the ripp and then export it to .obj or any other format that DeepExploration can open.

2- Import the ripp to DeepExploration.

3- Select all the model and right click go to Tools and then Separate Mesh. now you have the all the meshes separated but in chunks that are understandable like cannon, tracks, body, etc.

4- Take a large dozes of patient and using the ModelViewer as reference ensemble the model back together. DeepExploration has the same tools that 3d Max has, but is more easy to use.

(you thought that there were an easy way. you were wrong!!!).

5- Last but no least save and upload please.

Best Regards DartShinigami

PS: If you have any question please ask. I’ll do my best to help. And sorry my bad english.

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You are welcome.

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You could grab the F-15E cockpit from FSX and Iris F-15E payware.

That’s really great thanks. I have been trying it like you described it, didn’t work tho. However, I am running a 64bit system, so maybe that is the problem…

Oh and could you perhaps upload the Mi-26 halo as well? There is not even a good FSX add-on of that heli out there. Thanks for your efforts

Will do but you have to wait a bit.

Mi-26 uploaded to the same link!!!

Great work DartShinigami,thanks

Mi-24W and some goodies uploaded to the same link, please if anyone could capture the bombs would be awesome to.

Sorry to bump uploaded Tarantul-3 Boat, Moscow Cruiser and some rockets

whenever I click that mediafire link for these models, nothing shows, and says I’m also using an old browser, is there a change to the link at all DartShinigami?

Disregard please, it was all down to using Firefox, it worked fine with Google Chrome… thank you.