DDOS Again?

https://playrust.eu/bancheck.php Down for me
http://forum.rustoxide.com/ the same
http://playrustwiki.com/ the same …

My own server is down …

And you guys ?

I’am boared !

Do you have a playrust.eu server?

If so, I would assume that is the case… Maybe not a DDoS, could be something legitimate but I doubt it.
When did you notice these were down? (Down for me too, btw.)

my server 2 hours
Oxide forum 3 hours
the other, by trying to check price server list and find info about oxide
cheatpunch after reading about crash issue due to facepunch loosing contact with servers

Interesting, surprised that this is the only thread about it lol…

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Oh well the playrust.com is back up.

not for me

Ohhhohhh, duh, you’re trying to hit playrust.eu which is still down.

However, being from across the pond I use playrust.com. :rolleyes:

THIS is why I only play on servers with DDoS protection



yeah playrust.eu has been down for a while now

except that the DDoS protected servers can only protect 10 gbps, and the attacks can range up to 50 gbps on rust servers. Meaning, all the DDoSer has to do, is purchase another “server stresser” and he will be able to take down your server regardless.

Rust has managed to garner a great deal of hate from this type of people.

Im starting to think the game is only appealing to the lowest element overall.

OR they will just move on to an easier server to grief… Id rather have ddos protection than NOT have it.

Ddos protection prevents the server from going down. You’ll still experience lag, spikes, rubberbanding.
Seems like entire host was getting ddosed.
Back to normal